I can’t find my Shaklee distributor!

Have you lost touch with your Shaklee rep and need to place an order or ask questions?

We can help!

We are Shaklee distributors, but we’re not in the business of stealing other people’s customers, so here are some ideas for finding your old Shaklee distributor…

  1. Find some literature around the house. If your distributor sent you a brochure, catalog, newsletter, or other mail, their contact information may be on it.
  2. Google what you remember. If you remember their last name, what street they lived on, what school their kids went to, or any other information about them, Google the word Shaklee along with that information and they may come up.
  3. Ask another customer. Did you and your sister-in-law order together at a home party? Ask her if she remembers the rep’s name.
  4. Call Shaklee Corporation. If you paid for a Shaklee membership, chances are you’re still in Shaklee’s database. If so, they can tell you who your distributor is and how to reach them. Their number is 1 (800) 742-5533.
  5. Allow us to serve you! If you still can’t find your Shaklee distributor, let us fill in! We take really good care of our customers, members, and partners. You can reach us in the following ways…

Phone: (520) 261-3424

Text: (520) 261-3424

Email: service@vitaminrepresentative.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/myvitaminrep

Instagram: www.instagram.com/myvitaminrep

Online Ordering: http://healthsciences.myshaklee.com

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